Village For Scholars

The Village for Scholars Initiative is a mentoring and youth development project to inspire academic excellence in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics and community leadership.
This initiative will bring fifty low-to-moderate income students, with ranging ages from 14-19, from rural and urban-inner city and fifty adult mentors together to create a village of caring, nurturing, and informed adults to help meet these students social’ and academic development needs. This village of mentors will produce the Blueprint Forums for Healthy Youth Development.
Meeting the student’s needs, the village of mentors for scholars and the youth committee will assist in securing college scholarships, family and secondary school support, academic tutoring, college preparation, after school job training, cultural enrichment, smart family planning, finance and entrepreneurship. Also, mentors will cultivate a positive healthy journey toward adulthood and instill in the students that their opportunities in life are limitless.

The mission is to equip and strengthen low-to-moderate income students to pursue careers of their choice and create positive social changes with the support of a strong network, also train these students to embrace the need for positive community leadership. The goal is for these young people to learn how to tap into their inner talents, goals and understand positive pathways to celebrate successful dreams.

Download and fill out the application below to become a candidate for the Village for Scholars.

final village for scholars application